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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Thanks for confirming it.

Weird bug. I'd have expected Commodore hardware (A590) and software (hdtoolbox) to be fully compatible..
It should be, but HDToolBox and the hardware it was to be used for evolved on a very rough and twisted development path. The storage hardware of the time (mid 1980'ies through early 1990'ies) was primitive (e.g. ST506 drives and their controllers) and the drive firmware more often than not tended to be buggy and/or report incomplete information.

The HDToolBox code, as well as the related prodprep shell command (which is found only on the installation floppy disk), have to work around these restrictions and bugs. The resulting code is more complex than it should be, and it obscures implementation errors in HDToolBox/prodprep, too. And that's before we even get into the problems caused by hard disks larger than 2 Gigabytes, or fixed-disc storage devices which use block sizes larger than 512 bytes, etc.

As for HDToolBox versions prior to those shipping on the Workbench 3.x disks, you should expect trouble. HDToolBox V39 is not exactly a completely different program, but most of the 120+ sets of changes checked in are bug fixes.

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