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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
CreatePalette    lea    Palette,a0
        move.w    #256,(a0)+            ;Number of colours to load
        clr.w    (a0)+                ;Register number to start from
                moveq  #-1,D6
                move.l   #$01010101,D7
        not.l    d6
        move.l    d6,(a0)+
        move.l    d6,(a0)+
        move.l    d6,(a0)+
                not.l d6
                sub.l D7,D6
        bcc.b .colsloop
        clr.l    (a0)                ;Close Structure
Maybe it can works, but I dont checked this.
Something similar to your code may work (poor mans SIMD). It would be nice to get rid of the original dependencies for superscalar operation but my intention was to fix obvious (to me at least) flaws.

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