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Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
I wasn't aware you needed a rejuvinator board to get the ACA500+ working, is this the same story for a Vampire? What's the story with the rejuvinator board? What does it do? (as before mentioned, I just acquired an A1000, so still learning).
I don't know if you need to or not, but that's what I've experienced using these 2 Amigas.

This blog talks about getting an ACA500 (not plus) running on a pretty stock A1000: -- he talks about a high miss rate when trying to boot the A1000 with the ACA500. My experience has been a 100% miss rate for booting the ACA500+ on a stock Amiga. However, on the Rejuvenated A1000, it boots pretty much every time.

There is a video of someone with a Vampire 500 in what looks to be a stock A1000 booting just fine: [ Show youtube player ].

Based on the info above, I'm guessing that a Vampire would be a better upgrade than an ACA500 for the A1000. I'm the list for a Vampire 500 and will try it on my stock A1000 if and when Apollo ever contacts me. If someone has a Vampire 500 they want to sell, let me know!
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