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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
I am on the list for the vampire 500. I would consider putting it in this if MB is good.
But to what avail? With 512 chipram whdload isn't going to work well.
This is what has me holding off on ordering one for my NTSC Amiga 500 -- the 512KB chipram problem.

However, I'm going to order an ACA500plus for my 500 because it is able to convert (Without modifying the mainboard) 512KB trapdoor ram expansions into chipram - 1 MB of chip ram, with a mildly faster system (68000 @ 14 mhz default, overclockable to 42 mhz) makes it probably faster than a stock A1200, and 1MB is enough to run quite a lot of OCS things..

I read a few posts about ACA500/ACA500plus working in A1000 but you might want to ask about that and it's ability to work with RAM expansions on the A1000 (which I believe there are several choices for..). Of course the plus gives you fast harddrive storage and extra fast ram of course for a much cheaper than vampire price..
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