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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Ticked = unimplemented instructions are emulated. You want them ticked if you don't want to bother with libraries (but you still need the library for setting "68040/060 FPU is fully working" flag)
I've been using these libraries for 68040/68060 support, and they work fine:

In fact, I and Locutus over at Support.Apps had a bit of a discussion about it, whether I should be using them at all, but I didn't want to go as far as MMULibs:

As I said, all my Unimplemented CPU/FPU boxes in all my configurations are ticked (even if greyed out in almost all of them) and the libraries work fine.

I was just seeing if I could go ahead without the libraries, but I didn't really think so.

Helpful advice as ever, Toni!
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