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Well, tried A2065 with 1496 and 1400 in it's mount file in NetInterfaces, no go.
Also tried RTL8029 with 1496 and then 1200, but still no go.

One other thing I remember was when downloading a file from my fileserver with mtu at default value (1500), the downloaded file was some 20 bytes or so smaller than the original and with mtu 1496 it was two bytes smaller, so I tried with 1494, and it was one byte smaller, then tried 1492, 1490, 1486, but still one byte short! Also, when going down in mtu size, the transfer speed got really slow, like about 13kb/s...

Do you know what kind of config Amikit author was using?
Wine version, Mac OS version, WinUAE version and AmigaOS version?

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