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Crash was caused by wrong buffer allocation if SCSI READ(6) had zero length (which becomes 256 blocks and this was not corrected in buffer re-allocation)

But hdtoolbox doing zero READ(6) can't be right (, total read size would be 256*2048 = 524288 bytes! A590 scsi.device gets confused and sets bogus values to SCSI chip registers and then goes in infinite retry loop.

Also READ(6) is the very first command. When same CD was mounted using uaescsi.device, other SCSI commands are executed first (INQUIRY etc) and there is no READ(6) at all, hdtoolbox worked normally.

This probably needs real hardware confirmation: A590/A2091, SCSI CD and hdtoolbox on WB 2.1 install disk and CD inserted in drive. (This can't happen with IDE drives, ATAPI only supports 10 byte SCSI commands)
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