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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
VERY nice

Just one thing. Don't reuse the grime textures
Thanks for taking the time to comment Thoram!

Although there aren't actually any grime textures - I've just photographed my A1000 (and monitor) and mapped it straight on. (quick and nasty - didn't even do proper bump or spec mapping).

I'm hoping to eventually port the model over to LW on my A2000 and animate it, so I'm trying to keep it lite (Why??? Because what could be better than animating an A1000 on an A2000)

The power supply and motherboard are also just photographs mapped straight on, (although the motherboard isn't positioned correctly).

I don't presently have an A1000 keyboard so if you look closely you'll notice it's an A2000 keyboard mashed into the shape of an A1000.
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