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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
The shadowed sine scroller has been done to death on Amiga.
by now, I found 3 or 4 intros on bitworld with that kind of sine scroller.
blue velvet pack menu/tech
another intro/the gang
Xion Intro/Cycron

1989 collection intro/Cryptoburners
New Stuff/Abnormal
Dolly Mixture #9 Pack intro / Anarchy - Dizzy Dream 14 intro/anarchy
eddie's return/laser dance
Malzbier Trinker/Paranoid
New Import/sector 4

(no sinescroll : space harrier/traitor, silents acid syndrome)

the rasterbars effect has been done to death on Amiga
but not really with this kind of gradients ? I don't remember ever seen it.
some examples ?

the starfield could be done precalc bob smaller to larger
with a copper mirror effect for the second middle of screen (dual playfield ?). do you know intros with this kind of starfield (perhaps less stars) ?

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