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Originally posted by rattus
[B]It probably was Turrican, they just changed the title for the MD release

I always found Katakis/Denaris a funny game. I imagine the developers saying "hey, since we love R-Type so much lets code ourselves a rip-off!" maybe IREM were so impressed they let them do the official port later on
@Rattus. I don't know if "impressed" is exactly the right word but you're almost right. Activision had the rights to convert R-type & started threatening legal action against a few horizontal-scroller shoot-em-ups around that time-period,(Katakis,& C64 Armalyte), claiming they infringed on their rights to R-type. As a consequence of a legal settlement between Factor 5 & Activision Factor 5 ended up doing the conversions,(Manfred Trenz ironically coding C64 R-type, though not as good as his C64 Katakis due to a tight programming deadline imposed by Activision.).
Eventually Katakis was released as Denaris- according to an old Manfred Trenz interview,(in Zzap 64/Amiga), the Amiga version of Denaris was somewhat changed from Katakis but the C64 version of Denaris was very similar to Katakis).

I'd post some interesting info from a C64 site called "Games that weren't" but it's "under construction" pending a relaunch at present, they had an interesting interview with Manfred Trenz.
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