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Thank you for clearing this one up! I will get to test this
My monitor is acting super weird on a particular screenmode though, wrapping over some of the top screen on the button when full screen 1920x1080. Gotta figure out why it's doing that!

[edit] it only does it when in 50Hz mode. Definitely some weird monitor glitch.

I just tried setting the emulation to "Low latency 50/60" but the monitor is set to whatever I tell it to on Screen settings. If I choose "default refresh rate", it's defaulting to 60Hz.
What am I doing wrong again?

[edit 2] forget what I said, i went to the early startup menu, hit space and refresh rate changed just fine. Perfect! I wish I knew how to fix this monitor glitch though, it's super distracting. Unfortunately the monitor's native resolution does not do 50Hz.

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