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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I think NTFS compression is better idea than using HDF, if only reason is saving space.
I keep the same files for each of my emulators in zips in each platform's folder (Emulator, Extras, Settings) and the Amiga was taking the longest to unzip because of the thousands of files in the Extras zip (which is basically the ROMs and any extra files needed, like WB HDD folders) and so I chose to put those masses of files into a single file for each of the WB folders. Now it unzips very quickly. The space the unzipped HDFs take on Windows is not an issue for me.

This was something I had noticed with huge game data files that contained tens of thousands of tiny files, namely the id Software games of the 1990s, for example. They may have been big, but they were only a few files, so they were faster to copy over during installation. Compare that with a PC game I saw once, which had something like 20,000 small files all over the CD-ROM, uncompressed, and it took an AGE to copy them over to the PC's HDD. So I think that a few huge files is better than thousands of tiny ones, on a FAT32 or NTFS filing system.
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