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Originally Posted by grond View Post
It's not a balloon, it's a Zeppelin, err, I mean, the 68080 isn't emulation but a 68k processor implemented in an FPGA (as ASICs are so expensive to make in small numbers).
The debate over hardware vs. software emulation is an old one which I have (fortunately) been able to avoid getting dragged into. It really comes down to individual users opinion's and standards for the definitions of "Real" and "Emulated".

Regardless, of your opinion and definition standards, if you think AIBB should support a third party implementation of 68K (real or emulated) before it fully supports the original Motorola implementation of 68K then I would suggest you develop your own update patch. I have already made my decision.

Originally Posted by Romanujan View Post
@SpeedGeek - As both real Motorola 68k (68030+68882) and emulation (FS-UAE) user, I can tell running benchmark inside emulator is more interesting to me - we already know how the real chips perform, but we usually don't know how much emulated Amiga performance you get by, for example, switching to new x86 hardware, or trying to emulate Amiga on Raspberry Pi.

When AIBB was developed we didn't have a single working Amiga emulator... nor there was any FPGA reimplementation of the CPU available to use.
The performance on real Motorola 68K systems varies considerably as many different users obtain different benchmark results. If emulation users find their benchmark results more interesting that's fine but then please be happy with what you have.

Also remember, AIBB is quite an old program and the fact that it works as well as it does is a testimonial of the impressive coding skills of Mr. Lamonte Koop. Amiga software developer extraordinaire!
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