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@SpeedGeek - As both real Motorola 68k (68030+68882) and emulation (FS-UAE) user, I can tell running benchmark inside emulator is more interesting to me - we already know how the real chips perform, but we usually don't know how much emulated Amiga performance you get by, for example, switching to new x86 hardware, or trying to emulate Amiga on Raspberry Pi.

AIBB was originally developed to support real Motorola 68K systems
When AIBB was developed we didn't have a single working Amiga emulator... nor there was any FPGA reimplementation of the CPU available to use.

@grond Apollo Core ending up in ASIC eventually is not completely impossible. For now there are well over 2000 Vampire accelerators ordered for A500 and A600. Hard to guess how many people are waiting for A1200 or standalone version. And just for the new A1200 cases one guy collected something like 150,000 EUR from just 840 backers...
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