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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
I see options in "Add Hardfile" to create a new hard disk image file, so I try selecting the total size (20Mb or 40Mb) and select both "sparse file" and "dynamic HDF", using the OFS/FFS, and when I click Create and give it a name with .HDF it becomes a .VHD instead! What am I doing wrong?

Also, I know I'm going to have to copy over the relevant files from the Windows directory used for Workbench, but that will be it? Then, when it comes to using it, use the default surfaces/sectors/reserved/block size settings when adding it?
Do what you have been but I wouldn't tick "Sparse file" or "Dynamic"; then the file created will be a .HDF. You only need to put in the size e.g. 100MB.

Workbench; use you set of 3.1 disks to do a basic install. Format the drive first (System --> Format on "Workbench" disk) and then install (Install --> English on "Install" disk). I just use "Fast File System" (which is probably fine in emulation) so tick this.

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