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finally i got makecd working. burning second disk right now.
had to disable quickhelp for changing cycle based gadgets.

did not install latest beta of makecd, only "stable" v3.2c.
from triton gui i only copied required triton.library into libs:,
a bit sceptical about installing yet another gui enhancer...

in terms of copying audio cds:
makecd seems to do a better job than windows media player.
cds which i copy have tracks kind of fading into the next one.
windows media player puts way too long pause between tracks.
after burning with makecd these gaps are short, almost perfect!

only downside: makecd in emulated amigaos only burns 4x speed.
this makes the process of copying 52 cds in total very slow...
but as mentioned above, outcome is much better than with wmp!
so i guess, i finally found the point (the use) of this, @toni.
i stick to makecd for these 52 disks, even though it takes longer.
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