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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
That's probably the time WinUAE needs to unpack the archive.
Yes, I thought that was the case. But then I am dealing with two zips totalling 420 folders, 3195 files and 28 MB in size, which probably has a bearing on the time taken. And I've tried it both compressed (Normal) and uncompressed (Store).

You probably archived the directory and not only its contents. The Amiga system files (C, Devs, Fonts, L, Libs, S etc.) have to be at the top level of the archive, not inside a directory.
Yep, I solved that problem before I saw this post, but it's still appreciated.

However, waiting over half a minute just for booting an OS is unacceptable, and I don't think that this option was intended for such large files anyway, more for stuff like WHDLoad zips or something like that.

Thanks, anyway.
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