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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
While I'm not that interested in emulated Amiga clones, its not really fair to say its *just* a Rasp Pi + 3d printed case.. It actually reads your old Amiga Floppies.
If that's a "thing" for you (or if you wanna create ADFs from your floppies) then it might be interesting..
It actually makes an image (ADF) of your floppies the first time you put them in - doesn't really read from them. So the floppy drive is there mainly to cheat people to think that it really uses it!
It's pretty useless since there's no write support either...

If you exclude that "feature", then it's just a Pi with UAE4ARM (which is free!) preloaded on it.

Much better to buy a KryoFlux + Pi for that much money, at least you can also write back with the KryoFlux!

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