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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yeah, drive appearing as zero size is the most common side-effect. Another less common is corrupted drive name strings.

Unfortunately some really old drives only seem to work when connected to physical mainboard IDE connector (=need old PC), some may even need forced PIO1 or PIO2 mode set in BIOS. Most likely reason is some drive firmware bug(s).

Drive model?
Used one handy older Windows 7 machine, good all rounder with floppy and IDEs still.... i removed IDE DVD Drive, put the 40mb in place and run winuae from my USB stick and it worked exactly like you said it would ...
Now imaged, and now working here on my main machine.

+1 Internet points to you, making your total about 1,658,239 so far.

In other words, thank you very much Toni...
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