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Originally Posted by IvanEBC View Post
I know Winuae should be run as an admin for this to work but here's what happens.

When i start winUAE AS admin, i only see my regular harddrives.

If i start winuae WITHOUT admin, i can see the 40mb drive, but i see access denied (ALL drives say it).
How do you connect it? USB adapters rarely (if ever) work with really ancient IDE drives.

It probably only appear as working because lack of permission prevents any data accesses.

Check winuaebootlog.txt after clicking add harddrive for more detailed information.

Last time i did this was with a 20mb drive from an A590 and that worked fine. A600 HDD do things differently? Looking for suggestions.
You had to do it differently, A590 has SCSI (or XT) drive, not IDE. Any active adapter (like SCSI<>IDE) most likely fix or "hide" the hardware compatibility problem.
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