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I know this isn't the question -- but -- the Atari 800 is probably the closest machine architecturally to the Amiga .

- Custom chips (3) sharing RAM with processor. (4 if you count the processor...)
- System clock is based on the PAL/NTSC frequencies (1.77/1.79 mhz)
- "Color full" 256 colors, with tricks to display all on screen at once (line by line palette changes)
- Hardware sprites ("player/missle graphics")

And in one way is more advanced than the Amiga (and Atari ST):
- Atari SIO is an early form of USB (carries data, voltage across a universal cable -- devices have firmware that upload upon power on). The speed this serial port can sustain is higher than the serial ports on the ST or Amiga.. (72000 bps or higher works)

For a system launched after the Amiga 1000; I'd vote for the Sharp X68000 easily. It was built to run games/arcade ports -- the original Amiga (and Atari 800) was/were designed as games machines. Though, the X68000 did have separate VRAM (i.e. What Jay Miner wanted in 87-89)..

Atari STE (1989) is the purely closest cousin of course..

Acorn Archimedes is a cool machine though it doesn't have sprite support, hardware scrolling assist (blitter), or a lot of the tricks the other machines listed here have.
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