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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Who did the Giana Sisters SE remake recently? The ADF will not work on NTSC systems even though it uses a NTSC sized screenmode. 320x200. I can get the game to work in NTSC when running the WB version. The intro does need PAL to work, but the game will load and run perfectly on NTSC.

Can someone please fix the ADF so it will load on NTSC? Seems the Scoopex intro needs PAL so that is why it will not run on NTSC. The disk is NDOS so I cannot edit the startup sequence to make it work.

I usually use a tool called "AmigatoNTSC/AmigatoPAL" which forces system to the corresponding system and forces the program to use that mode. Seems to work on the WB version this way.

EDIT I guess Galahad did the conversion?
I will check it out.
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