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OOh, controversy, me loves

Originally posted by FromWithin
Some of the stuff is musical and technically very impressive. Even his rip-offs are better than the originals (Zoids, Master Of Magic, Commando, Delta).
The fact that he had to rip off other tunes marks him to me as not such a good musician. As I said, I don't think he's bad, but I think he is overrated.
Once the technical limitations were removed, most musicians were simply piss-poor.
I'm comparing what I heard here. Rob Hubbard's non-C64 music is shit. Huelsbeck and Tel's non C64 music is good. I am of the thought that technical limitations get the best out of an artist, this is, IMO, one of the reasons why I like old games so much.
Not sure who's side you are on here, it's difficult to tell. Are you pro-Tim Follin, or anti-Tim Follin? Rob hubbard, good coder. Tim Follin, brilliant coder. Have you heard his Spectrum 5-channel stuff? It's amazing. And you've got some nerve there calling him an arse because he's a top bloke. He's is a musician purely for the music's sake. The scene is not at all interesting to him. BTW, he recently did the music on Starsky & Hutch. It's pretty damn impressive, as is all of his recent stuff.
OK, maybe I shouldn't have called him an arse, I should have said that people think he's an arse(seems like he insulted some c64 people or something? i don't know). I am one of the few who stand by this guy (nice to see you support him too) because he is a FABULOUS musician in my opinion, and I don't give a shit if the sound player he used on the C64 was not coded by him. He is a musician and, as I said, if he doesn't feel like coding, it's his bloody right to do so. What counts is the end result, and the end result is that Tim Follin is a heckuva fucking great composer, on the C64, Amiga, Atari ST, Spectrum and on a kazoo

Rob Hubbard isn't
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