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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Double, fields+ simulates the interlaced display of a real Amiga. It will flicker like a real Amiga's interlaced display does, but there should be no de-interlacing artifacts. Make sure you use vsync and integer scaling otherwise it can look a lot worse than a real Amiga would.

For some programs, the WinUAE option "Remove interlace artifacts" (in Display settings) works well to remove "combing" interlace artifacts (e.g. moving mouse pointer horizontally on Workbench).
Yeah, I tried it, it reminded me of why I moved to a progressive display in the first place. Interlace flicker was the BANE of many Amiga lovers, especially in Workbench, and I'm not keen to revisit those days, thanks. I'll stick with "Double, Fields", including the combing.
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