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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
You jump on conclusions again. The fluctuating frame rate in some games has nothing to do with the Vsync option in WinUAE. So no, you don't have to disable it. It won't solve your probleme. Try the "Cache" tooltype for the WHDLoad version of Mercenary. If it won't help you have to live with it. Compare it with the disk version. If the latter is faster you could ask on mantis for a patch update.
You're absolutely correct, I assume too much, it's a weakness of mine. I tried disabling "low latency vsync", but it made absolutely no difference.

I was just trying to encourage a situation in which a 3D routine would work within one frame, but force it into two or more frames by displaying more complex models, I figured that Mercenary on WHDLoad would be perfect for that. I guess I just don't understand WHDLoad fully, yet. I'll try your cache idea, but tomorrow, now.
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