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I'm still not entirely sure how my monitor does not support "true" 50Hz, if it can take a true 50Hz signal from my FreeSat HD box?

50Hz shows up as an available refresh rate on my GeForce GTX 960, so the monitor should accept 50Hz and simply convert it into 60Hz, so I fail to see how it's not true 50Hz, as it is literally fifty frames per second. On the WinUAE side on 50Hz, scrolling text looks smoother, but not perfect as there is the occasional jerk. Is that a sign it is not the real thing?

Also, as I said, some demos showed differences in the way they ran between 50Hz and 60Hz, like this one: - the rotating 3D objects visibly switch from smooth to stuttering in 50Hz, whereas it's a lot smoother in 60Hz.

So how is the timing affected? Or is it something else?
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