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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
And there are two entries in the drive list, see attached pic.
Duplicates should have been removed but I am not sure what happens without full HD detection log lines.

Also, is the "1 MBR partitions found" message produced by WinUAE, or is that (faked) info given by Windows? You can tell it's fake because the supposed MBR partition covers the entire disk.
Yes, it is what Windows returns. Thats why WinUAE will always check for RDB even if Windows says it has MBR.

Finally, is there any way to tell WinUAE to re-scan drives? If you click Add Hard Drive... with no disk in the drive, it appears in the list as [NO MEDIA]. After inserting a disk you have to (it seems) quit and run WinUAE again in order to have it recognise the disk in the drive.
Boring and easy answer: GUI is not designed for removable drives
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