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Don't run WinUAE at 50Hz refresh rate (DEBUNKED)

I have Windows 7 running at 60Hz refresh rate, very much the same as any PC (some have higher, but 60Hz is the standard) but I discovered a while ago that my PC monitor supports 50Hz, like on a real Amiga, and I had the idea to try and run WinUAE under a 50Hz refresh rate on my Nvidia GeForce card.

At around the same time, I updated my WinUAE from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0, and in hindsight that was a bad idea to do both, because it turns out that trying to run games and demos on an Amiga emulator on a PC at an Amiga PAL refresh rate may look more authentic, but it will cause a lot of problems in the long run, like timing errors and glitches in the emulation, especially in the case of demos where timing is usually critical. I had these problems, and I blamed 3.4.0, when really it was my own fault, and I should have known better.

So this is just a friendly notice that, if you're going to try 50Hz for a more authentic Amiga experience on a PC, expect similar problems. Also sorry for the numerous threads I've started as a result.

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