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I suspect the the design of the board itself might not be the biggest hurdle. Seeing the V500 V2+ in action, I think most technical, issues are already solved. At least in theory.

The practical issue is probably the manufacturing part.
I seem to remember Gunnar saying the V500 V2+ will be produced in quantities of about 200 / month.
This tells me it's being manufactured by Majsta alone (and his pick and place machine). (Kipper2k is currently medically unable to solder.)

So considering the V600 backlog + all the waiting V500 orders.. Would it really be wise to release the V1200 too?
Unless production bottlenecks can be dealt with, the V1200 is probably not going to be released in parallel to 2 other products already struggling with demand.

The way I see it, the V1200 might as well wait and get the benefit of a more mature core + possibly drivers for the stuff that goes into the connection ports (WiFi module, etc)
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