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WinUAE refuses to access optical memory (type 7) devices

I have a Belkin F5U115 USB-SCSI adaptor connected to my PC running Windows 10 1607 x86-64. (I got Windows to recognise it by manually specifying the driver to install, yay!)

Connected to the adaptor is an HP 9100mx MO drive. I have a 2.6GB MO disk (Amiga FFS-formatted) in the drive. Drive can be accessed as normal from Windows, e.g. right-click then Eject works, and I could use WinImage to create an image file of the disk's contents.

However WinUAE refuses to work with any type 7 device, reporting this on clicking Add Hard Drive...:
opening device '\\?\usbstor#optical&ven_hp&prod_c1113m&rev_1.19#7&12db4270&1#{53f56307-b6bf-11d0-94f2-00a0c91efb8b}'
not a direct access device, ignored (type=7)
opening device '\\.\J:'
not a direct access device, ignored (type=7)
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