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I already said why 1440 was out of the question, so that's out.

The 16:9 screenshot above illustrates what I see on my monitor in fullscreen (which is all I use) - the left-of-centre is not even that visible, and most games and demos don't use the background colour, which causes all the problems, and look nicely presented, although I didn't mention earlier that some demos are not vertically centred neither (possibly to make them compatible with NTSC).

The main issue has always been the background colour, which extends far beyond the graphics area of the Amiga, right to the limits of the visible display, and it's when that display is used for shots like this one below, that's what irks me:

See what I mean? The background colour is being used for the ground/sky gradient and the tree on the left and the building and road on the right are cut off unequally. Older demos from the early 1990s were prone to this, but that was down to the coder's choice. So neither option (to crop or not to crop) is really available, and I would prefer a single configuration.

But it's really not a problem for the most part. I also suppose you could see the Amiga screen as a sort of electronic notebook with lines (for you) and a margin (for me) which an artist can draw in the main area only. And I could just embrace the full majesty of the Amiga graphics display, and I mean every little aspect of it, including technical limitations.
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