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Minor issue with hidden dialogue box

Hi Folks

This potential minor bug caught me out for a short while. (I did not have the SPS plugin installed at the time)

From within Windows if you double click on a saved .UAE configuration file (that uses display/fullscreen) and then at the Kickstart screen, select a .RAW format disk (end+F1) WinUAE appears to lock. The mouse pointer still moves however F12 does not bring up the configuration window etc.

What happens is the popup dialogue box 'Selected disk image needs the SPS plugin.....' is hidden as a background window. If you ALT+TAB between windows you will then see this.

Note: In my case CTRL+TAB did nothing unless I opened another application open such as notepad, before I double clicked on the saved .UAE file!

What is strange however is that this does not happen if first you load WinUAE, load the same configuration file and click start, insert disk etc. The dialogue pops up in front as expected.

Configuration File Used:
Quickstart / A500 1.3 ROM, OCS, 512 KB Chip + 512 Slow RAM (Most common)

Tested with:
WinUAE: 3.4.0
Windows: 10 64Bit (Fully Updated)

All the best
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