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Ok, so you have found 1 demo that doesn't like horizontal centering to be adjusted because the coder addressed the issue. That's hardly enough to make an assumption that it's bad to set this...

I can tell you that with 1550+ games that I've configured manually, if you don't tick "horizontal centering" or adjust the "horizontal position" the screen won't be centered and you will have larger free space on the left hand side (as demonstrated by my images in earlier posts of this thread).

Same goes for Workbench as you've also seen...

Anyway, test say 20 games and 20 demos to get a more balanced view / larger sample range etc.

Finally, I agree with you about not cropping the overscan hence why when I set the resolution of "720x576 - Fullscreen" all is good. You should use "1440x1080" that you first selected or something with the similar ratio as "720x576"

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