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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
He's talking about this operating system, which is a hybrid of AROS and Linux. And to answer the original question I can only assume that they would run fine under Aeros.

Oh, and the original reason I am posting to this thread. Surely it is as interesting as it is informative, but wouldn't it be more appropriately placed in under the "Amiga Scene" or "Retrogaming General Discussion" forum sections. "support.Games" is the section of EAB where people who are experiencing technical difficulties with Amiga games request help.

If a moderator could please move this thread it would be very much appreciated.
You are not well informed,the link you showed is "AEROS" that is not AROS, are two very different things:

In screenshots I used my Distro AROS (IcarOS, and AspireOS) that is another thing, that they have nothing to do with LINUX,
even the GRUB boot is native AROS

IcarOS (
only AROS Full Amiga OS3 Based)
[ Show youtube player ]

AspireOS (only AROS Full Amiga OS3 Based)
[ Show youtube player ]

Aros Broadway (only AROS Full Amiga OS3 Based)
[ Show youtube player ]

If not enough there is also AROS 68k which can be installed on a Amiga Real or WinUAE, where you can use Standard Applications and Amiga games

[ Show youtube player ]

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