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Angry What a pile 'o' shite!

Originally posted by Antiriad
Author said remove anything from Devs:Ahi except than it should work. This fixed my sound problem alright, in fact altho the gfx were stuck , the sound was carrying on...
I'm not sure if I should risk it. It seems like a piss poor port to me. I added that toccata.library and it still asked for the audio file. It then brought up the suspend/reboot error box and proceeded in an attempt to destroy my hard drive like it did yours. I halted it after a couple of minutes and found that it had created a 212MB audio file. What the fucking hell is that about. What a pile of shite this port is. I don't think I'm going to risk running it again. Deleting everything but from the AHI directory??? WTF?? Fuck it! What a crock of shit.

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