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The real shame of BTTR gone isn't its ADFs (which as said are now all in TOSEC), but the loss of its extensive FTP section which included many many shareware and CD-ROM PD collections (the full Fred Fish series and many more)... Unfortunately the site vanished before I could manage to grab all that.

Allegedly Thalion (EAB user, not the company, duh!) did, but if he ever took action to share/upload anything with fellow EAB members I haven't heard about it.
Bobic (cofounder of BTTR with Hippie2000) stated more than 2 years ago that he intended to do sth about bringing the site back online someday, but there again nothing ever followed suit that I heard of.
Then there's ReadOnlyCat that stepped in to suggest (since he seems to live in Norway) he could contact the University whose server used to host BTTR... 3 times in a row, without actually ever doing it (isn't it better to just shut the hell up then?). After reminding him 2 times, people here just gave up asking him about it (actually it feels more like he was just having fun with people here than actually meaning to ever do anything about it, but it may be that he actually IS that much forgetful and unable to keep his word, who knows...).

Now, I have given up following the matter much, and if ever the FTP collections of BTTR are available anywhere I don't know (but pointers would always be welcome, sure! ^_-)

That's the state of things as of today AFAIK. Gosh, that thread is an ever-flowing spring of disappointments and frustration...
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