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On the right side there is a small list with "Vol Env, Pan Env, TB303 Emu". Click on TB303 Emu to open its window. Now you can do/render 303 samples or pattern. I would recommend 303Tracker instead. There should be docs (docs drawer) in english and german (guide and FAQ) for V2.19. Digibooster 2.x ist more like Protracker then Octamed SoundStudio. If you are used to Octamed then it is a changeover. For me it is the opposite, I can use PT and DBP but Octamed is to complicated for me. DSP echo, of course you are free to use it or not but you are not fixed to the same effect setting. There exists (pattern) commands to change settings on the time. You cannot have different settings for each track. This is pity but 68k would be to slow for that.
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