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Originally Posted by Anakirob View Post
Could you possibly give us a quote, or at least a ballpark figure of how much it may cost for us to purchase a controller fully assembled by you?
I have come to that conclusion that to assemble one of these gamepads takes too long, assembling a few is ok, but assembling and selling these is not really viable.

BUT I'm currently waiting for a batch of PCBs I designed that entirely replaces the original PCBs in the gamepads. I'm not sure if these will work yet since I haven't seen them or tested them, but I should receive the PCBs any day now. They are thicker than the original USB PCBs and also bigger (entirely covers the rubber pieces) so the button response can be really good with these if all works out. The pads will have an ENIG finish (Electroless nickel immersion gold)

Also the replacement PCBs are designed for surface mount components so I need to order those also (I will order when I have inspected the PCBs). I will update this thread about the progress. If all works out well I will be able to make assembled gamepads for others to a reasonable price.

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