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Originally posted by Akira
I think most of the worshipping going around of Hubbard is because of pure nostalgia. I took a listen to many things he did outside of the Commodore 64, and they were just APPALING.
But no no no. Rob Hubbard did some amazing stuff. It's not a nostalgia thing. Some of the stuff is musical and technically very impressive. Even his rip-offs are better than the originals (Zoids, Master Of Magic, Commando, Delta). And listen to The Human Race. It's two channel music, but listen to the arrangement of the tunes. Not just that, but he's got a really good ear for matching music to the game. As to the things outside of the Commodore 64...

Chris Huelsbeck is, IMO, a MUCH more talented man. So is Jeroen Tel.
Chris Huelsbeck did great stuff on the Amiga, but it took him years to get to grips with pro studio gear. His earlier CDs were pretty dreadful. Haven't heard any of Jeroen's recent stuff. Once the technical limitations were removed, most musicians were simply piss-poor. In fact, the only person I would put outside this bracket is Tim Follin. Rob stopped doing music years ago. He was Audio Director at EA, much like the job that Martin Galway does at Digital Anvil, and Martin hasn't done any music for ten years (despite my prodding!)


The coders like to give Hubbard much credit because he wrote his own music routine. So did others. And Tim Foillin, who is an ARSE because he dissed the scene, still is a brilliant music. Most people say he's shite because he didn't wrote the musicroutine. FFS, he's a muso, he's not supposed to code if he doesn't want to!
Not sure who's side you are on here, it's difficult to tell. Are you pro-Tim Follin, or anti-Tim Follin? Rob hubbard, good coder. Tim Follin, brilliant coder. Have you heard his Spectrum 5-channel stuff? It's amazing. And you've got some nerve there calling him an arse because he's a top bloke. He's is a musician purely for the music's sake. The scene is not at all interesting to him. BTW, he recently did the music on Starsky & Hutch. It's pretty damn impressive, as is all of his recent stuff.

Anyway. Rob Hubbard is a pioneer. He gets a lot of praise for what he did, and deservedly so.
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