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Originally posted by khephren
You are kidding aren't you!!!!
No, I'm not, and I'm not comparing him to newer artists, I compare it to others contemporary to him.

His tunes are enjoyable and in no way BAD tunes, they ARE good, but I think most of the worshipping going around of Hubbard is because of pure nostalgia. I took a listen to many things he did outside of the Comomdore 64, and they were just APPALING.

Chris Huelsbeck is, IMO, a MUCH more talented man. So is Jeroen Tel.

The coders like to give Hubbard much credit because he wrote his own music routine. So did others. And Tim Foillin, who is an ARSE because he dissed the scene, still is a brillianr music. Most people say he's shite because he didn't wrote the musicroutine. FFS, he's a muso, he's not supposed to code if he doesn't want to!

I'm not mentioning current C64 musicians, since they go through the path these masters carved for them. There are a lot of current C64 musucians that are incredible.

And that's all I have to say about Rob Hubbard
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