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I was trying out my cropped display method and discovered this example where a lot of demos (and presumably games) were programmed to include the left-hand margin that has been discussed in this thread.

These two shots are from Mahoney & Kaktus' His Master's Noise, a few seconds after the main screen appears. As you can see, in this screenshot with my original configuration, everything looks neat and centred, with the usual left-hand margin being smaller than usual, no doubt by Kaktus coding the main screen to compensate for it by shrinking the right-hand side:

Now look at this screenshot with the configuration using the custom 4:3 resolution (1420x1080) with -240 set for the X position, as described in this thread and perfected with dead centreing for the screen (-244 was a bit off):

As you can see, the credit text in the lilac bar is no longer centred, as is the text at the bottom. This particular demo has been cropped from what was intended, and chances are that if this one looks worse, then many, many other demos will, too. I have to admit, I haven't tried that many with this new configuration, but I think I will have to abandon it in favour of the old one. I don't really want to configure each demo accordingly to the screen, as that would be too much work.

In any case, the problem is only arising for those older demos (like this one) that use the Copper on the background colour, which extends beyond the bitplane graphics and makes things look uneven in the first place. However, a large number of demos don't use the background colour (although they use the Copper extensively) and are nicely presented in the middle of the screen, with only a slight off-centre horizon which is easily ignored.

I guess it's just a case of getting used to viewing Amiga graphics on a modern display, with overscan and everything else.
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