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Originally Posted by wmsteele View Post
Bought a cheap £5 replica SNES pad to give it a go, cable from a broken megadrive pad, worked first time... although its an incredibly tight fit. Thanks witchmaster
Cool! Glad you got it to work! Where did you buy that gamepad? It looks a bit better than the about 3€ ones on eBay.

I found the perfect gamepad to use for this project, on eBay there are black SNES style gamepads sold under the name "Next", you can get two of these for about 12€ + shipping. The PCB on these is a bit thicker so the buttons have a somewhat better response, and since it's black it fits the CD32 better of course.

Below are some photos of the gamepad being assembled, I glued cardboard at the ends of the PCB to support the rubber for the left direction and the blue button (better response).

Notice the cable tie on the cable, the actual gamepad case also keeps the cable quite secure since it's thicker than the USB cable it was designed for.

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