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So it needs to be unzipped to "SYS:" (which is "Workbench" in my case)?
Does not matter where you will unpack archive, it just should be unpacked inside os4, to avoid problems with protect flags, links or whatever else. You can extract it to SYS:, or to RAM: doesn't matter.

All what matter is: install FE, then download update1 , unpack (of course not under windows, everything doing inside of os4), and run installer. If it scream about that mui thing - then it mean you after installing FE doing something else, like inslalling on running something in background, which wasn't expected. First thing first - you install os, install update, and only then all 3d party crap when you will have deal with update, and z3 ram. Not that it so matter, but it just easy to not worry about other things till you didn't fix main ones.
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