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Indeed I have ROM chip still installed. I had it removed for a while but found no other place to securely store it so I thought that I can just as well keep it inside my Amiga. I'll try to remove it, let's see if it changes anything.

Previous crash could've just been coincidence though. I mean after the flash symptoms were very bad. HDMI blacked out every few seconds and I could not do anything at all. Now I can use WB no problems so it's nothing like just after the flash. I've encountered crashes before, rarely, but nevertheless I have.

In any case, very, VERY exciting stuff. Who would ever thought how far Amiga can be pushed. If they manage to pull off FPU also, it's beyond awesome.

Edit: I can confirm that the crash was unique event. I've been listening music since I wrote that message and no problems at all. Awesome.

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