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Originally Posted by jarp View Post

Edit: Ok, seems to be software incompatibility issue. Booted without user-startup and works fine. I'll proceed finding out which individual software causes the trouble. I do not have much, Poseidon, Picasso96, Miami...
Have you updated the SAGA driver?

Originally Posted by Apollo-Core Forums
If you like to use Kick 3.9 (AmigaOS ROM Update BB39-2) with GOLD2 core, you need to patch your DEVS:AmigaOS ROM Update -file and modify SetPatch command line in your Startup-Sequence. Download your SAGA2 update package and spatch.68k:

Copy ARU_Vampire_1_2.pch to SYS: (it's in GOLD2\Extras -folder), spatch.68k file to C:. Before you reboot your BoingBag39-2 installation run spatch.68k:
C:spatch.68k -o="DEVS:AmigaOS ROM Update" -p=SYS:ARU_Vampire_1_2.pch "DEVS:AmigaOS ROM Update.BB39-2"
Then modify Startup-Sequence:
SetPatch SKIPROMUPDATES scsi.device
Now you are ready to reboot for your BoingBag39-2 installation.
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