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This is very exciting news, thank you! Amazing work.

However, that being said, after update nothing works anymore with my Vampire 600. WB3.1 and WB3.9 barely loads but after that constant guru meditations, reboots, programs won't load etc. On top of that HDMI problems, picture goes black every few seconds and there are interference. System is pretty much unusable. I am gathering courage to downgrade to GOLD core, but system crashes so often that I bet it will crash on the middle of flashing also. I am quite sure team would release this unstable core so I bet this must be compatibility problem. Did anyone test this with rev1 (Amiga 300) as A300 is known to have compatibility issues with other accelerators also?

Edit: Ok, seems to be software incompatibility issue. Booted without user-startup and works fine. I'll proceed finding out which individual software causes the trouble. I do not have much, Poseidon, Picasso96, Miami...

Edit2: Everythign works now flawlessly. I do not know where the problems did arise, but after couple of cold boots everything started to work.

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