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Just to put the cat amongst the pigeon's here

Originally Posted by newflesh1
I don't really think comparing the Amiga to the Megadrive is fair.The Amiga was a multi use computer whereas the Megadrive was purely a gaming machine.Everything inside the Megadrive was geared towards games where the Amiga had to allow for different things.
Way back in Oct 1987 the A500 was released with a spanking price of $699, it was truly an astounding machine, offering most of what a $1500 Apple would offer!

Jumping forward a couple of years to 1989 - I always have felt that the Megadrive (Released in Sep. 1989 $190) was a cost reduced Amiga A500 in console form. with additional focus to (initially) a proprietary based solid state software platform.

The Megadrive has no Operating System (OS) nor input for a keyboard / mouse and while it might have a sprite engine that can display a good array of colours it doesn't have a copper (Co-Processor) - unless you consider the Zilog Z80 as such. The Megadrive doesn't have a Parallel port and it only has access to a few screen modes.

The Megadrive has no Floppy Disk (it did much later by a third party however). The Megadrive didn't have 8bit 4 channel stereo sound - in fact it was only the phono port (at the front of the console) that offered Stereo sound the rear RGB/AV port only offered mono sound - and this wasn't corrected until the Megadrive 2.

While the initial version of the Megadrive did have a rudimentary Serial Port driven by the sound generator - this was dropped way before the Megadrive 2 which was released in the latter half of 1990 (in Europe).

Now I love the Megadrive, it has some delightful games both definitive for the system and releases in general (including Flash Back *yes I said that!*). Yet the system is held back within Europe due to the fixation of 50Hz Video where as the Amiga is arguably agnostic for the most part and even an A500 can do twice as many screen modes including interlaced modes.

So if I may be so bold, I see the Megadrive as a Cost Reduced A500 - in fact so much so, its almost part of the family
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