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It's time for your favourite thread EAB peeps!

That's right! The Amiga Worldwide Phenomenon thread where points mean - er, well actually, nothing - rises up from the ashes once more to encourage bragging rights of Amiga users everywhere.

Even though big money and prizes are absent, National Pride is at stake.

So come on newcomers, rollup rollup and vote for your country and lets see what's out there.

Here is an update.

Nice try fruitloop, but Antarctica is NOT getting away with that kind of cheek. Everyone knows only AMD Athlons could survive those sub-zero temps and heat peeps houses as well. Amiga's just don't overheat enough.

In my last post I posed the question "will the UK hitting 13 users prove unlucky for the current leaders?". It appears so, as once again the current champions UK have there lead cut into by the USA, helped by that Amiga nut Pyromania.

Australia have surpassed Germany and take 3rd spot! Users to Amiga's ratio is mighty impressive for these two nations, so we know where greed runs highest.

New to the chase is Spain, welcome!

Sweden creep above Portugal in the mid table honours, whilst everything else stays the same including that mighty impressive unconfirmed stat that 100% of users are running the fabulous Classic WB.



Key: Nation/Owners/Systems

England [14] [39]
USA [6] [37]
Australia [5] [35]

Germany [5] [25]
Canada [3] [6]
France [2] [10]
Sweden [2] [6]
Portugal [1] [6]

=Denmark [1] [3]
=Norway [1] [3]

=Argentina [1] [2]
=Brazil [1] [2]
=Poland [1] [2]
=Spain [1] [2]

=Greece [1] [1]
=Netherlands [1] [1]


Total Users: 46
Total Amiga's: 180

Percentage running Classic WB : 100% (unconfirmed)

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