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Amiga software worth paying for?

Hey guys, I'm curious what current commercially available Amiga software is worth paying for, in your opinion. I do have a personal request that we refrain from derailing this with philosophical discussions about commercial Amiga software and just stick to a list. Thanks!

My list:

Workbench 3.1
Workbench 3.9
Workbench 4.1 FE
// the above three, obviously!

WHDLoad - even though it's free and non-crippled, I support the development
Roadshow - best dhcp network stack. I do wish the installer included more .device files for easier installation
HSMathLibs - really makes my 060 worthwhile
CGX4 - Better than P96 with certain setups
CygnusEd Pro - Best amiga text editor!

What else is worthwhile in your opinion?
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