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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Not all demos require 040 CPU, some works fine with 030 ! (f.e. Beats)
So I guess it will work fine also on A4000/030 config. if has similar speed to a real machine.
On the A4000, I have 030, 040 and 060 configs, all set to run at Fastest Possible, and for the most part I have no problems, I just have the three of them for compatibility's sake rather than speed (they all seem to run smoothly fast) and I wouldn't mind if they ran faster than originally intended.

This was already discussed here ->

So, load the same config and change the CPU to 030 and speed slider to 100%. (Works fine on my PC.)

Above 030 with 100% speed slider is something approx. to 030/50MHz.
As a real 040 CPU is approx. 4x faster than 030 at same frequency, according to that same configuration with 040 CPU with speed slider on 0% will run at same speed, what is approx. to 040/12.5MHz, but such speed doesn't not exist on a real machine. (the 040/25MHz is the 1st available)
Seems too slow for me: the opening animation is missing frames, and the framerate of the title animation and the first brown 3D blob effect is horrible. I think I found the right balance already, with 040 at +150% (thanks to SaphirJD)
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